Can You Make Money with Ultra Manifestation? [Review]

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When it comes to niches, the law of attraction niche is one of the most popular. As an affiliate marketer, you have the opportunity to earn a lucrative income within this niche.

Ultra Manifestation is a product that teaches how to use the law of attraction more effectively to manifest what you want in life.

In this review, I’m going to cover what Ultra Manifestation is about, how much you can earn, and share one of the best ways to make commissions promoting this product.

Product Website:
Product Creator:David Sanderson
Average Commission:$50.19

Why this online business is great for beginner affiliate marketers

What is Ultra Manifestation?

This is a system that uses a combination of the absolute purest isochoric tones, alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves, delta waves, ancient chant mantras and other sacred frequencies.

The goal of the system is to focus on tuning your subconscious in order to maximize your ability to attract wealth, health and any other positive manifestations into your life.

How Much is Ultra Manifestation?

Users can access the entire system for a one-time payment of $37. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The program also has an added bonus called Manifest Your Destiny which is an illustrated guide that teaches how to shape and control your destiny. It includes 5 separate audio modules that uses the power of hypnosis.

How the Affiliate Program Works

Ultra Manifestation is sold and managed on the Clickbank affiliate network. It is a $37 product with a 75% commission rate. The average commission is $50 due to upsells.

In order to get your affiliate link, you’ll need to have a Clickbank account. Based on your settings, you will receive your commissions once a week or bi-weekly.

The affiliate program page offers some helpful assets for their affiliates. You’ll have access to email swipe files, banner ads, as well as a Clickfunnels quiz landing page.

Make Money Promoting Ultra Manifestation

Now that you understand what the product is, it is time to talk about one of the best ways to start making affiliate commissions.

My recommendation is to create a niche website. This is a type of website that focuses on one topic. It is also referred to as a niche blog.

When I got started in affiliate marketing, I decided to create a niche website. It is a low-cost, beginner-friendly, and easy way to make affiliate commissions.

At the time, I had just been laid off from my job as a web developer. I needed a low-cost and easy way to make money online.

Since I didn’t want to waste a lot of time trying to figure it all out on my own, I searched for an online training program and found this one.

By following the training in that course and taking action on what I learned, I was able to transition out of a full-time retail job to work on my website full-time.

Choose a Target Audience [Niche]

Getting started with your website means choosing a niche audience. In this case, you’ll want to target individuals who are interested in manifesting and the law of attraction.

If you want to get a good idea about the topics this audience likes, search for videos on YouTube on the topic of manifesting.

There are several popular YouTube channels that have millions of views on the topic of manifesting and law of attraction.

You can get a better sense of what this niche is searching for and what they are interested in.

Create Content for Your Website

The key to having a successful niche website is to write a lot of content (blog posts) related to the things your niche audience searches for.

One of the ways that I figure out what to write about is by opening up Google Search and typing in keywords related to my niche.

Google will return relevant keyword phrases with its autosuggest feature. You can get an unlimited amount of blog post ideas doing this.

It is a free method that works well. However, you can utilize paid keyword tools as well. It isn’t a requirement though.

I recommend writing as much content as you can on a weekly basis. The bare minimum I suggest is 1 to 2 new blog posts per week.

It shouldn’t take anymore than 2 to 4 hours per week to work on one blog post. The more content that you can create the better.

Your content is what is eventually indexed and ranked in the search results. I like to think of each blog post as a virtual salesperson working for me 24/7.

The more of them I have out there, the more my website can make money.

Earn Income with Your Website

The goal of your website is to make affiliate commissions. When you create blog posts that answer the questions and concerns of your niche audience, you can also recommend the product you’re promoting.

I like to do this right within my blog posts. Another effective strategy is to write a review post about the product.

This is easy enough to do by buying the product and using it yourself. I get the best conversions on my website from my product review pages.

No sales will be possible without web traffic and you will only get that by creating content. That’s how important content creation is.

Summing Up

The law of attraction niche is extremely popular and promoting a product like Ultra Manifestation can make you a lot of money.

If you want to start earning commissions from this affiliate product or any product of your choice, I recommend creating a niche website.

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