Easiest Way to Be an Affiliate Marketer

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Sales funnels, paid ads, product launches, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok…ahhhhh! It’s no wonder many beginner affiliate marketers are lost when it comes to making money online.

Where do you start as a beginner without feeling overwhelmed? I’ve been in your shoes and it happened in the form of a job layoff.

After I was laid off from my previous web job, I decided to pursue affiliate marketing. It didn’t take much for me to decide which route I would take.

I needed the lowest-cost and lowest-risk path to earning income online and that was a niche website also known as a niche blog.

Thanks to starting a niche website, I was able to transition away from a full-time retail job (the job I took after my layoff) to working on my website full-time.

More on this below…

How this online business model freed me from the rat race.

Why a Niche Website is the Easiest Way to Be an Affiliate Marketer

The amount of information out there when it comes to affiliate marketing is overwhelming. There are a variety of ways to do affiliate marketing.

However, some methods are more advanced than others. For example, if you are brand new, learning how to create a sales funnel may be intimidating.

Or running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram to your landing page…um, what?

In comparison, starting a blog is easy. You don’t need any technical experience and most web hosting providers will install your WordPress website for you.

I’m going to list some of the benefits of starting a niche website.

It’s One of the Lowest-Cost Online Businesses

You can literally have your website within the hour for under $50 in most cases. The cost will depend on your web hosting provider.

There are three things that you’ll need to launch your website. These include:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting
  • WordPress installed on your hosing account

Almost any web hosting provider can set you up with everything that you need. Bluehost is a great place to start. When you choose any of the WordPress plans, they offer free domain registration for one year and will install WordPress for you.

No Prior Experience Needed

You don’t need any tech skill or excellent writing skills to start and maintain a niche website. There are some things you’ll need to learn such as some basic SEO (search engine optimization), how to add your affiliate links to your content, etc., but all are easy to learn.

There are successful affiliate marketers that earn full-time income from their niche websites who barely knew how to use email when they started. Niche websites offer a low barrier to entry with the potential to earn a lucrative income.

Work at Your Convenience

Unlike some other business models, you don’t have a set schedule that you have to adhere to with a niche website.

You can work on your website any time of day that is convenient for you. When I was working a retail job, my schedule was all over the place.

Some days I had the morning shift, others the afternoon or evening shift. I had to work on my website before and after a shift.

The Sky is the Limit

When it comes to how much you can earn with your website, the sky is the limit. It is all based on your hard work and how you monetize.

You can promote affiliate products as well as run display ads on your website. Best of all, once you learn how to earn income with one website, you have the skills to repeat the process as many times as you want.

I started with one website and now manage multiple niche websites. It’s like owning virtual real estate. In time, you can even sell your websites if you want.

How to Boost Your Website’s Affiliate Income

Having your website up and running is the easy part. The challenging part will be content creation. I only say that it is challenging because most beginners quit after a couple of months.

I’ve watched it happen time and time again. I help people all of the time inside of the same training program I followed when I got started and unfortunately, the pattern is the same.

They become frustrated with writing blog posts and not making any commissions. However, they don’t understand that it takes several months before a new niche website starts receiving web traffic.

If you want to help boost your website’s income, my number one tip is this: don’t quit on your website!

I’ve wanted to quit so many times as a beginner. If I had, I wouldn’t have reached the point where I could leave my job.

It took months of content creation and patience. My work ethic remains the same today as it did when I first started.

I write a new blog post 1 to 2 times per week for all of my websites. It’s hard work but guess what, it works!

Write Content Your Niche Audience is Searching For

I never write a new blog post without doing keyword research first. My goal is to serve my niche audience and the way to do that is by finding out what they’re needing help with.

Any keyword tool will help but in most cases, I simply open up Google Search and use the autosuggest feature.

Type in a keyword phrase into Google Search and you’ll see autosuggest results of things your niche audience are typing.

Other cool keyword tools you can use include AnswerSocrates and KeywordTool.io.

It’s this content that will be eventually indexed and ranked in the search results. That is how your target audience will find you. That is why content creation is vital to your website.

Choose Good Affiliate Offers

You want to make the time and effort spent promoting affiliate products worth it. I like to choose affiliate products that have either recurring commissions or have a high paying commission.

For example, there are plenty of affiliate programs that offer $100 per sale. I’ve even found some that offer $500 per sale and more.

Low-ticket offers work great too but you have to get way more sales in a month to make it worthwhile. High-ticket affiliate offers are even better. Learning high-ticket affiliate marketing can scale your income fast. Check out Zach Crawford coaching for details.

I’d much rather make fewer sales at higher commissions to meet my monthly goals. Recurring commissions are great because you earn over and over again from each of your referrals as long as they remain a customer of the product you’ve referred them to.

To give you some options of recurring and high-ticket affiliate programs, here are some to consider:

Summing Up

Becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. A niche website is a good option for any beginner.

You can start on a very low budget and your biggest investment will be your time. Don’t overlook the power of a blog. It requires patience and consistent effort.

If you don’t give up, it will pay off in the long term!

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