Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Coach

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An affiliate marketing coach has made a world of difference for my online business. For years, I was skeptical about investing in one. I figured I’d be fine learning everything on my own. Now, I wish I could’ve done it sooner. I’ll share my personal experience with having an online business coach and how it has impacted my online income.

Hey there! I’m Eartha, the author of this website and an affiliate marketer. An affiliate marketing coach can make a difference for anyone struggling with making a steady income online.

Sometimes having guidance from an expert can offer the extra support, motivation, and push to succeed in affiliate marketing. If you have been on the fence about affiliate coaching, maybe my experience will help you make a more informed decision.

Key Takeaways

Why Invest in an Affiliate Marketing Coach?

There are many online affiliate marketing courses to choose from. Some of them do not offer a coaching program. Many people can take a course and run with what they’ve learned.

However, those who have access to an expert to whom they can ask questions may find that they reach their goals much faster.

After investing in a coaching program myself, here are some reasons why having an affiliate marketing coach is beneficial:

Avoid A Lot of Mistakes

An online business coach has likely spent years in their profession and can help you bypass many of the mistakes they’ve made along the way. Not only can that save you time but also money.

Get Your Questions Answered

The best part of a coaching program is having your questions answered. Maybe you have a marketing question or a quick software question, your coach can lead you in the right direction.

A Proven Method

Your affiliate marketing coach is teaching you a proven method that has worked for them. You don’t have to struggle trying to figure out what will work.

mentor for affiliate marketing

Things to Look for in a Coach

Remember that there are dozens of affiliate marketing coaches to choose from. It is challenging trying to find a legit business coach online.

When I was on the hunt for an affiliate marketing mentor, I did some research. I researched some of the top coaches that I knew of from over the years from YouTube.

Here are some of the things I considered before choosing:


How easy is it to reach out to your potential coach to ask a question before investing in their coaching program? For example, my coach can be reached via direct messaging on Instagram.


Your coach should have plenty of experience with affiliate marketing and the success to go along with it. After all, if you’re going to spend money on this coach, they better know what they’re doing.


What types of products does this coach offer? Do you resonate with what these products teach?

Teaching Style

Make sure you like how your potential coach teaches. I’ve heard stories of coaches that have a horrible teaching style. You can test this out by checking out their YouTube channel or Instagram account.

Student Testimonials

Any good coach will share their student testimonials. Consider how many they offer and what these students say regarding results.

My Personal Experience and Results

I started with an affiliate marketing coach after deciding to learn high-ticket affiliate marketing.

The coach I chose was someone whom I was familiar with over the years. It wasn’t difficult for me to decide because this coach checked all the boxes for things I was looking for.

It wasn’t until I took the core training and group coaching that I began to make my first high ticket sales (as pictured below.)

affiliate payout

The key to any online training and coaching program is to put into action what you’ve learned. If you are not consistent with the tasks that lead to results, no training course and no amount of coaching will help you.

If there is anything that I harp on the most when explaining to someone about doing affiliate marketing, it is being consistent. It wasn’t until I focused on one method and was consistent that I finally began to get results.

Attend the Coaching Calls When Possible

If you can attend the live coaching calls for your coaching program, be sure to do so. Most coaching programs will archive the calls for those who cannot attend live.

Watch the archived calls for those that you miss. There is so much value in coaching calls between what your coach is teaching and the questions from other students.

Complete the Core Training

You may be surprised that many people buy an online course and never start it or start and never finish it.

You can’t expect to get any results if you’ve never finished the courses in the program. These courses are self-paced so it is convenient to complete them when you can.

What Next?

I think an affiliate marketing coach is worth it if you can afford to invest in one. Not all coaching programs cost thousands of dollars.

If you shop around, you can find great coaching programs for around $500. However, a low price doesn’t mean a crappy product just as a high price doesn’t always equate to an excellent product.

Do your own research and make the best decision for you. I hope this post has helped. Best of luck in your journey!

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