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When it comes to learning affiliate marketing, there are dozens upon dozens of options to choose from. I have been doing affiliate marketing long enough and have come across a variety of gurus. Sometimes you do find a legit affiliate coach and that is what I found in Zach Crawford. If you’re wondering if Zach Crawford coaching is worth it, then read on for my personal experience as one of his students.

I became a student of Zach Crawford after investing in his Millionaire Challenge System course and later, his Digital Course Millionaire coaching program. I will go into detail about why I chose Zach as a mentor over other super affiliates as well as my actual results after implementing what I’ve learned in his training.

Why I Chose Zach Over His Competitors

I don’t spend money on training courses lightly. When I was ready to learn high-ticket affiliate marketing, I wanted to learn from the best. Someone who has the experience and is making the income I want to make as well.

I discovered Zach Crawford about 3 years ago on YouTube. He was teaching affiliate marketing differently than any other super affiliate I had come across. I signed up for his email list and watched a majority of his videos.

Before I discovered high-ticket affiliate marketing, I began promoting various low-ticket affiliate offers. I made many commissions but I couldn’t get my income to scale up past a certain point.

When I decided to learn high-ticket affiliate marketing, I turned to Zach and was hoping he was still teaching. Right around this time, he had just released his Passive Affiliate Profits course.

To my surprise, Zach was selling the course for $7 so I bought it right away. I was completely blown away by the amount of training it offered. I should have known though because Zach never puts out subpar courses.

It was literally the best $7 I ever spent! I made my first high-ticket commission of $1,000 a week after starting the course (my results are not typical.)

Who is Zach Crawford?

Zach Crawford

Zach Crawford is a super affiliate, CEO, and a 7-figure earner. Besides that, he is a down-to-earth guy who genuinely cares about his student’s success.

His success did not come easy. In fact, his journey started out being over $50K in debt after being hit by a drunk driver. He hit a very rough patch in his life when he finally decided to sell everything he owned and moved to the Philippines.

When he got to the Philippines he tried and failed at many online businesses. There were times when he wanted to give up but his parents told him to stick it out.

Zach discovered affiliate marketing and eventually found a mentor. That is when things began to turn around. His income grew month after month and now he has his own super successful coaching program.

Many of his students have become 6-figure earners and Zach has a goal to create 1000 six-figure earners and 100 millionaires by 2026.

Successful MCS students
Zach’s students and MCS 10K Club winners

How Does Zach Crawford Coaching Work?

Currently, Zach has two ways to get training which I will dive into further below. The Passive Affiliate Profits (PAP) course doesn’t have any live coaching available but there is Zach’s Skool group that you can join to ask questions.

At the price point of PAP, there is no reasonable way that Zach could offer live coaching. However, if you are an action taker and implement what you learn in the course, it is possible to make high-ticket commissions.

As I mentioned earlier, I made my first high-ticket sale one week after implementing what I learned. No, that is not typical by any means so don’t think that you can replicate that.

I just want to point out the potential that is there if you are consistent and follow through.

Live Coaching and Q&A

Zach’s DCM coaching program is the program of choice if you want to get live coaching and be able to ask Zach any questions that you have.

It is an actual coaching course and Zach helps his students with anything they are stuck on. You can submit questions if you can’t make the live call.

Unlike a lot of similar courses where you don’t get access to the course creator, Zach is completely accessible to include his certified coach as well.

What I like about Zach Crawford coaching is that Zach will tell you like it is. If he sees something that you can improve upon, he’ll be upfront about it.

Personally, I don’t want someone to tell me what I want to hear. I want to be guided in the right direction so that my business can grow.

Who is the Coaching Program Best Suited For?

It’s easy to say this coaching program is for anyone, but in my opinion, it is best suited for those who are committed to going all in with learning high-income skills.

If you are thinking that it is a way to make “fast money” or “easy money”, you already have the wrong mindset.

It is an online business that requires dedication and consistent effort. If you are not willing to take action on what you’re learning, this coaching course will not be any good to you.

There is no magic formula or guarantee. Success is based on having the right training, guidance, a positive mindset, and a good work ethic.

So no, this coaching program isn’t for everyone. However, if you want to learn high-income skills and are willing to go all in, you can use this coaching program to your advantage.

In general, this program is great for:

  • Affiliate marketers who want to scale up their income
  • Someone wanting to make extra income or a full-time income online
  • Anyone wanting to create time freedom and location freedom

This coaching program will teach you lifelong skills that you can use to generate semi-passive income online.

Zach Crawford Courses

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what these courses offer as well as the pros and cons of the coaching program.

Passive Affiliate Profits

This course is no longer available. Maybe you are just now learning who Zach is and aren’t familiar with his teaching style. Or maybe you are new to affiliate marketing and want to learn how it all works.

Passive Affiliate Profits offers several video training modules all taught by Zach himself. He covers how affiliate marketing works and his method for earning a steady income online by earning high-ticket commissions.

He also goes in-depth with traffic generation strategies diving deep into using short-form content to generate a steady flow of leads. The traffic section is so thorough and better than other online courses that I’ve paid much more money for.

Zach has stated that PAP is well worth $2,000 but he wanted to make it affordable for those who aren’t able to invest in his premium coaching programs.

Millionaire Challenge System (MCS)

If you are ready to create a wildly-profitable online business that can make $2K, $5K, and $10K commissions, then MCS is the coaching program that can teach you the skills to help get you there.

This coaching program is made up of video lessons as well as live coaching calls. The coaching calls are the most beneficial as you get access to Zach and his certified coach on live calls throughout the week.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live calls, you can always access the replays. What’s great is that you can submit questions before the calls and Zach will address them so that when you watch the replay, you are still getting the help that you need.

You can also submit questions to Zach or his certified coach at any time within the private FB group.

I’ve bought a competitor high-ticket coaching course previously and it didn’t offer nearly as much access to the course creator for help with questions like Zach does.

The quality of this coaching program is top-notch and you would be doing yourself a disservice by not taking advantage of everything offered and not taking action on what you learn.

Digital Course Millionaire

This is Zach’s most recent training course and coaching program. The difference with this program is that it teaches three ways to earn income online including MRR (Master Resell Rights), affiliate marketing, and course creation.

What’s even better is that when you buy DCM, you also get the master resell rights to it to resell it yourself. Another plus is that the course includes lifetime course updates and lifetime weekly group coaching.

Pros and Cons of Zach Crawford Coaching

Let’s address some of the pros and cons of Zach’s coaching program. While I do feel it is one of the best coaching programs out there, I can also recognize some of the possible cons of the program.


  • The course creator is legit (experience and results)
  • Ample access to Zach for questions and help
  • Learn high-income-producing skills
  • Plenty of guidance and support
  • Students are getting results
  • Self-paced
  • Earn while you learn


  • Can feel overwhelming for beginners
  • The learning curve may be high for someone not familiar with affiliate marketing

My Personal Results with Zach Crawford Coaching

I started out with Zach’s PAP course. When I say you can take what you learn in that course and get results, I mean it! Of course, it will require you to take action on what you learn. Without consistent effort, no course can help you.

To give you an idea of what is possible, I will share some of my personal results from taking action on what I learned inside the program.

Here are some screen captures of high-ticket affiliate commissions I’ve earned:

affiliate commissions
affiliate payout

I was blown away by my results! I am not new to affiliate marketing but after learning what I have, these are the highest commissions I have earned in the fastest time since I’ve been doing affiliate marketing.

Since then, I have upgraded to the MCS coaching program. I’m still in the beginner stages of the program. I’m so excited because I know as I continue learning and taking massive action, my business has the potential to earn a lucrative income.


I hope that my review of Zach Crawford coaching has provided some clarity on what Zach has to offer and how his training can possibly take you to the next level in online business.

I’ve spoken with Zach numerous times since joining MCS and he remains genuine and caring about his students and helping them to get results.

If you are curious about Zach and his coaching programs, I highly recommend starting out with his free training.

Get a feel for his teaching style and what his programs have to offer. Then, move on when you’re ready to go all in.

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