Can AMZ Champions Help You with Amazon FBA?

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Fulfillment By Amazon has been a popular online business option for many people. What’s not to love? You choose a product, send your inventory to an Amazon warehouse, and Amazon fulfills all of your orders for you.

Sounds easy right? Think again. There are a lot of processes and requirements to consider before starting an Amazon FBA business. That’s where a product like AMZ Champions comes into play.

Can AMZ Champions help you start and grow your FBA business? Hey there! My name is Eartha and I enjoy scouring the web for online business opportunities.

Keep reading this post to get more information about this product as well as an alternative online business model that may be a better fit.

Quick note: All information about AMZ Champions has been researched and gathered online via user reviews and the actual product website.

Product Name:AMZ Champions
Product Creator:Trevin Peterson
Product Price:$997

How this online business helps beginners make money online

How AMZ Champions Works

There are many Amazon FBA sellers that are earning 6 or 7-figures selling products on Amazon. Getting to that point doesn’t come easy. There is a lot to learn and what better way than to learn from someone who has been in the trenches?

That is exactly how you’ll learn when following the AMZ Champions training course. It is a step-by-step mentorship program that teaches anyone how to launch and grow a successful business using Amazon FBA.

This training program is in-depth and covers everything needed to succeed with FBA. It includes:

  • 1-on-1 coaching calls to help with product research, product launch, listing, and more.
  • 100+ in-depth tutorials
  • 25+ PDF guides and templates
  • Weekly live Q&A training calls
  • Product verification
  • Private student group
  • Unlimited email support
  • Lifetime access and updates

The course curriculum is extensive with 13 modules and bonus content.

There is also a bonus Master Brand Registry course. Overall, this is one of the better Amazon FBA courses I’ve come across in terms of what is offered.

Who is Trevin Peterson?

A big part of buying any training course is to know who created it and what type of experience the product creator has.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with Trevin Peterson. Trevin is the creator of AMZ Champions. He has been a full-time Amazon seller for four years and is a 7-figure seller.

He has coached over 2,000+ students and has launched over 40 successful Amazon products.

You can also check out his YouTube channel which has over 47K subscribers:

Is AMZ Champions a Scam Product or Legit?

There is nothing about this training course that raises any red flags or makes me think that it is a scam.

A typical red flag is when you have barely any information about the product creator. This isn’t the case with AMZ Champions.

Trevin Peterson seems to make himself accessible with the course and you can learn more about him from his YouTube channel.

Another plus is that there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. I’ve come across some training programs that don’t offer any type of money-back guarantee.

I also like the fact that it is a one-time payment and includes lifetime access and lifetime updates.

This is essential because as the sales page states, Amazon FBA is changing on a regular basis so lifetime updates prevent the course from becoming obsolete.

Pros and Cons of Amazon FBA

Out of all the online business models out there, becoming an Amazon seller has to be one of the most challenging.

It is challenging in terms of the learning curve and start-up costs. I wouldn’t get involved in this business without training. There is so much that is involved.

There are definite pros and cons with FBA. Here are some things to take into consideration.

Pros of Doing Amazon FBA

  • Hands-off business in terms of order fulfillment and refunds
  • Potential to earn 6-figures or more per year
  • Instant customer base
  • Source and sell as many products as you want

Cons of Doing Amazon FBA

  • Start-up costs can be expensive
  • Competition is tough
  • Potential to lose money
  • Difficult to get products noticed
  • May need to spend money on Amazon ads

The start-up costs alone may prevent many people from starting an FBA business. First, you must find a good product that will sell.

Then you would need to buy that product in bulk and ship it to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Before all of that, you would need to apply to Amazon FBA and learn all of its rules and requirements.

There are fees for shipping as well as fees for keeping your products stored in an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon also takes their cut for every product that you sell. You’ll have to take those fees into account in order to know if it will be worthwhile.

Online Business Alternative to Amazon FBA

The earning potential of an Amazon FBA business is enticing but the logistics and start-up costs are not easy.

Some people are drawn to the business model based on how much it is possible to make without taking into account all of the challenges that come with it.

The start-up costs alone will be the biggest stumbling block for most people. There is an online business alternative to doing Amazon FBA.

The business model I use and recommend is doing affiliate marketing with a niche website.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Did you know that you can sell any product on Amazon without dealing with any of the hassles of a typical eCommerce business?

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of another company’s products in exchange for a commission when a sale is made.

Amazon has its own affiliate program that you can join called Amazon Associates. When you sign up for the affiliate program, you get access to affiliate links for any product sold on Amazon.

When you share your affiliate links on your website and visitors click on those links and buy a product, you earn a percentage of the sale.

Some of my favorite benefits of affiliate marketing include:

  • No shipping & handling
  • Never deal with customer service
  • You don’t need to buy products
  • Promote any products you want
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Work from anywhere WiFi is available
  • Lifestyle freedom
  • Time freedom
  • Grow your business to financial freedom

There are tons of affiliate programs that you can join with products ranging in a wide variety of niches. There are even some affiliate programs that offer high-ticket commissions.

What is a Niche Website?

One of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to create a niche website.

A niche website is essentially a blog that focuses on one specific topic. You can choose any niche that you want.

I recommend choosing a niche that you have a strong interest in. Think about something that you enjoy doing and can talk about non-stop.

Chances are that is the niche you want to be in and there are affiliate products that relate to almost any niche.

All that you need to get started is a domain name, web hosting, and WordPress installed on your hosting account.

Most web hosting companies can set you up with everything that you need.

However, if you prefer step-by-step instructions and want training on how to make money with a website, I recommend the same training program I used when I got started.

Following that training and taking action on everything that I learned is what helped me to quit a full-time retail job and work on my website full-time.

Now I have multiple niche websites that I operate and that generate income for me.

affiliate comission
An affiliate commission I earned

Summing Up

If starting an Amazon FBA business is something that you want to do, I do recommend following some training like what is offered with AMZ Champions.

Keep in mind that there are many other online business models out there that may be more ideal for you and don’t require a heavy start-up cost.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite online business model and one that I recommend for beginners and those with some online business experience as well.

Learn how I was able to quit a 9-to-5 job to work full-time on my own website. Click here to learn how.

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