3 Day Challenge by Jonathan Montoya

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While creating niche websites is the online business strategy that I use, there is no doubt that a sales funnel is an important strategy to implement as well.

It wasn’t until I created my first sales funnel that I began to generate more leads and more sales. While I have experience with it, many beginner affiliate marketers do not.

This is where a training course like Jonathan Montoya’s comes into play. His 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge will take any beginner from start to finish with setting up a sales funnel.

Hi! My name is Eartha and I’m a full-time affiliate marketer. I scour the internet for other affiliate marketing training programs to share what I learn about them.

I’ll go over what this training course covers and what you can expect.

Creator:Jonathan Montoya

What is the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge?

This challenge is actually a training course that will get you up and running with your own online business within the span of three days.

Each day will cover a different topic and by day three, you’ll be on your way to generating traffic to send to your landing page.

Here is what you will learn:

Day 1: Jonathan’s 3-step system to make daily commissions online.

Day 2: Step-by-step training to build your online business.

Day 3: How to get free traffic to your offers every day without paid ads.

There are also added bonuses:

Bonus 1: Jonathan’s 6-figure funnel (copy his exact funnel in minutes.)

Bonus 2: Viral video scripts you can use to create viral videos.

Bonus 3: Ebook lead magnet to use in your own funnel.

All in all, this is an excellent product for anyone who wants to launch their own sales funnel that can generate affiliate commissions for the long term.

What I Liked About the Training

While this isn’t Jonathan’s full course (Freedom Breakthrough 2.0), it still contains a lot of good information.

For example, I like the explanation on affiliate marketing. Even if you already have experience with affiliate marketing, it is a great overview and intro to the high ticket sales funnel model.

Setting up a sales funnel is challenging for a beginner. The day two training makes it simple so that anyone without any prior experience can launch a sales funnel.

The training on obtaining free traffic was great as well. That is a topic that needs more in-depth training but for the 3 Day Challenge, it suffices.

I also like his teaching style. He explains each section well and it is easy to understand.

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

If you are not familiar with Jonathan Montoya, he is a former electrical engineer turned full-time internet marketer.

Like many people, he was tired of his 9-to-5 job. He wanted time freedom, lifestyle freedom, and most of all, financial freedom.

While working his job, he focused on high ticket affiliate marketing and managed to start earning 6-figures in affiliate commissions.

Within 9-months of starting an online business, he was able to quit his day job and work for himself full-time.

Besides creating his online courses, Jonathan also offers one-on-one coaching.

What to Consider Before Buying This Course

Jonathan Montoya’s business model is based on using a sales funnel. In order to get traffic to a sales funnel, you will need to use free traffic, paid traffic, or both.

Unless you also incorporate a blog, you will not be relying on SEO for free traffic. That means you will need to produce a lot of content on social media platforms as well as create videos for YouTube.

You can rely solely on paid traffic but most beginners do not have the budget to run paid ads on a daily basis.

For example, Jonathan teaches how to use both TikTok and YouTube to send free traffic to your sales funnel.

Both are great options. However, if you are not comfortable creating and being in videos, it is not a good strategy for you.

Therefore, you’ll either have to become comfortable using video marketing or implement other free traffic such as creating a blog.

Is the Freedom Breakthrough 3 Day Challenge a Scam or Legit?

I wouldn’t call the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge a scam. The training offered can get you set up with your own sales funnel.

What I do consider this course to be is a great introduction to earning income using sales funnels as well as an intro to Jonathan’s full course, Freedom Breakthrough 2.0.

You get to learn how Jonathan’s business operates and you can also decide if what and how he teaches is something you’d like to continue within his full course.

Also, keep in mind that as an introductory product, you will be presented with upsells. In this case, there are about four different upsells not including the complete training course that sells for $1,497.

I do think what Jonathan teaches is legit. Not everyone wants to start a niche website and maintain a blog.

A sales funnel can be set up once and your only job is to drive traffic to it on a daily basis. The funnel will handle all of the selling for you.

Is the Sales Funnel Model the Best Way to Make Sales?

I don’t consider using a sales funnel as the best way to make affiliate commissions. I do think that it should be a part of your overall online business strategy.

Another great way to make steady affiliate commissions online is by creating a niche website.

In my opinion, a niche website is a beginner-friendly way for anyone to enter into affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to pay for sales funnel software, you don’t need to pay for traffic, and you don’t need to maintain social media profiles unless you want to.

A niche website attracts its own traffic based on the content that you write. Over time, the blog posts that you write will be indexed and ranked in the search results like Google and Bing.

That is what brings you the targeted web traffic that you need to make affiliate sales.

The low-cost and low-risk nature of niche websites is why I chose it as my primary business model.

Similar to Jonathan Montoya’s course, I searched for a training course to help me create a successful niche website and found this one.

Following the training is what helped me to transition out of a full-time retail job to working on my website full-time.

Closing Thoughts

I think the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge is a legit online course that anyone can do.

It is important to understand how sales funnels work and how they can benefit you as an affiliate marketer.

Even though my primary business model is niche websites, I increased my leads and conversions with a sales funnel.

Take advantage of the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge and its introductory price of $7!


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