Is Modern Millionaires a Scam Product?

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Have you come across an ad for Modern Millionaires and wondered what it’s about or if it’s worth investing in? So have I and I did a little digging to learn more about it.

Modern Millionaires is not a scam. It is an online training program that teaches anyone how to create an online ad agency. Essentially, generating leads in various industries and selling those leads to business owners for a profit.

This online business model is often marketed as an easy way to quit your 9-to-5 or an easier more profitable business model than eCommerce or affiliate marketing.

After doing some research on Modern Millionaires as well as what goes into operating an ad agency, I have a few opinions of my own.

In this post, I’m going to cover:

  • What Modern Millionaires is and its creators
  • What you’ll learn inside MM
  • The training program options and pricing
  • Modern Millionaire complaints
  • Alternative online business model that I recommend

This online business model is often a better alternative for beginners.

What is Modern Millionaires?

This is an online training program created by two individuals, Chance and Abdul. Both founders have experienced the burnout of a corporate job and each found success in lead generation.

You can follow them over on their YouTube channel.

The Modern Millionaires training program teaches how to create your own online ad agency. You’ll learn how to generate leads using online ads in any industry and then resell these leads to business owners for a profit.

You can take on clients in these industries (plumbers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.) and charge a recurring monthly fee for generating leads for their business.

This online business model has been promoted for years now. At one point, every other ad on Facebook and Instagram was about starting your own ad agency.

Today’s new business model that is highly promoted is becoming an inbound closer. You’ll find course after course promoting this.

Modern Millionaires Program Options and Price

I have no doubt that Modern Millionaires is a high-ticket product. Meaning, you’ll likely spend thousands to be able to take the training.

From what I could find in user reviews, people have spent around $7K to gain access to the training.

I highly recommend reading user reviews and complaints before investing as there are no refunds offered.

According to the MM website, they do not offer a refund since it is a digital product. I understand that but there are plenty of training programs that offer a money-back guarantee.

What is nice is that MM does offer three different packages:

  • DIY – The do-it-yourself package for those that have the work ethic to build their own agency.
  • DWY – The done with you package for the person who needs extra accountability and mentorship.
  • DFY – The done for you package for those that have the income to start a new business but don’t want to spend the hours to set it up.

The primary training package includes:

  • 4-week training modules
  • Active Facebook group
  • 24/7 online support
  • Daily mentoring calls
  • MM ad system
  • MM funnels
  • MM automated lead nurturing

Modern Millionaires Complaints

No training program is without its complaints. However, the complaints on the Trustpilot website are a bit concerning.

According to the MM website, it says they have a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot. Some of the most current reviews have brought that rating down to 3.6 as of this post.

The most common complaints had to do with sales pressure and expenses that were not readily disclosed.

Many of the negative reviews stated that those on the sales call pressured them into buying and were rude when they decided not to buy.

There were also complaints about requesting a refund of $97 that was never processed.

Chances are the $97 is for some type of intro product. Others even mention that the sales calls recommended using credit cards or getting a loan to pay for the training.

modern millionaires scam complaints

What to Consider Before Starting an Online Ad Agency

Although many training programs like Modern Millionaires promote the possible benefits of starting an ad agency, there are some things you should consider first.

I have no doubt that many people that have taken this training have gone on to create a lucrative income for themselves.

However, there are things to keep in mind. For one thing, running online ads is expensive.

Running Ads is Expensive

In order to generate a good number of leads, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars per month to do so.

If you do not have a lot of money starting out, it will be difficult to get your business off the ground.

It is difficult to convince a business owner to pay you each month if you have no proof that you can generate leads.

No Guarantee of Landing Clients

Yes, in theory, most business owners would pay a monthly fee for new leads. You still have to convince them that they should buy those leads from you.

Even if you can generate leads, there is no guarantee that business owners are going to want to invest in your service.

Be prepared to sell yourself and the service that you offer.

Your Clients May (and Should) Demand Results

It may seem like an easy business model; generate leads for business owners and get paid.

Yet, you can bet that your clients are going to want more than that. Simply providing leads does not mean that they are going to have a high conversion rate.

There will be many leads that are simply tire-kickers. They are curious about a company’s products or services but aren’t ready to buy.

Some of your clients may not like the quality of leads that you provide. They may even request monthly reports and statistics on the leads that you send.

As a business owner, you should want to provide the best customer service in order to retain your clients.

Be prepared to deal with demanding clients.

Alternative Online Business Model That Works

When I decided to start an online business years ago, starting an ad agency would have been out of reach for me.

I didn’t have the start-up money to pay for ads, let alone thousands of dollars to invest in a training course.

You may find yourself in the same situation. I know what it feels like to want to start an online business but not have a lot of income to get started.

That is why I decided to earn income with a website. I knew that I could get started for around $50 and I wouldn’t have to spend money on ads.

I decided to create a niche website and promote affiliate products. This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other company’s products in exchange for a commission when a sale is made.

You can do this all online and you’ll never have to deal with clients or spend money on ads.

Affiliate marketing enables you to:

  • Earn unlimited income
  • Work from anywhere with a WiFi connection
  • Choose any niche you want to be in
  • Promote any number of affiliate products
  • Create lifestyle freedom and time freedom

Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to learn. There are plenty of affordable affiliate marketing courses online.

The one I followed is located here and the training made all of the difference for me. Applying what I learned helped me to quit a full-time retail job to work on my website full-time.

How a Niche Website Makes Money Online

There isn’t much that you need to start a niche website.

It only requires choosing a niche that you want to be in, registering a domain name, getting web hosting, and installing WordPress on your hosting account.

A niche can be anything that you have an interest in. Is it cooking? Finance? Cars? Whatever you like, you can earn income online.

The work that you put into your website will be in the form of content creation.

That is another term for writing blog posts. The articles that you write for your website are what will attract free targeted web traffic.

When your website begins receiving web traffic, it can start earning income!

Next, you want to recommend affiliate products that your niche audience will benefit from.

You can link to these affiliate products using special tracking links called affiliate links. These links are provided by the company you are an affiliate with.

Each time someone clicks on your affiliate links and buys from the merchant’s website, you earn a commission!

Commissions are typically paid each month via PayPal. Some affiliate programs may even offer payment via direct deposit.

Closing Thoughts On is Modern Millionaires a Scam Product

I don’t consider Modern Millionaires to be a scam but it would be wise to do your own research before investing in the program.

Figure out if running an ad agency is the type of business model that you like. Also, seek out alternative training courses that may offer equivalent training for less.

Consider other online business models such as eCommerce or affiliate marketing.

For me, affiliate marketing is the ideal business model. I don’t need my own products, there are no clients to deal with, I can work from home, and it is fun.

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