Is MessagePayz Even Worth It? [Wesley Virgin]

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Have you come across MessagePayz and wondered if this product is the real deal or a scam? Then you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to share what I’ve learned about the product in this review.

Who am I? I’m Eartha, the author of this blog and a full-time affiliate marketer. My goal is to seek out the latest products and online courses related to online business.

Like many people, I am skeptical about products and want to know as much about them before I consider investing in them.

Be sure to read until the end as I share the online business model I use that doesn’t require any gimmicks.

  • Product Name: MessagePayz
  • Product Creator: Wesley “Billion Dollar” Virgin
  • Product Price: $19 plus various upsells
  • Niche: Make Money Online

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What is MessagePayz?

MessagePayz is an automated software that mass messages thousands of Facebook users. All that you do is select a done-for-you offer inside the system and click send.

Do you already see a problem with this? I don’t know about you but this is simply a form of spam. I’m not sure how spamming a bunch of Facebook users is going to make you affiliate commissions.

Here is what I think is wrong with this strategy:

You’re Messaging People Who Don’t Know You

I don’t know if you use this software with your own Facebook account or if they suggest making a new one. Either way, mass messaging people is never a good idea.

These people won’t know who you are. Where is the trust factor? Besides that, how likely is it that someone is going to buy a product from a strangHoweer’s link?

People aren’t that gullible. In fact, most people are accustomed to spam offers and simply ignore and delete them.

This strategy is simply a numbers game in the hopes of one or two people actually clicking on your affiliate link and buying the product.

It Isn’t a Long Term Business Model

If you’re looking for a quick buck, sure, you can buy this product and hope some people actually buy something.

However, if you are wanting to create a legitimate online business, this is likely not the product to do that with.

Spamming people is never a good business model and you’re just asking for your Facebook account to get banned.

There are so many other online businesses that you can invest in that will lead to earning income for years to come.

Consider some of the success stories out there, whether it is in affiliate marketing or eCommerce.

If you read any of them, chances are you will come across story after story of their struggle and how much work it took to get where they are.

A product like this is likely going to attract the “get rich quick” crowd.

Who is Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin?

I have come across Wesley Virgin via YouTube videos, paid ads, and his offer pages. He is a successful internet marketer with a large following across many social media platforms.

He has sold hundreds of thousands of digital products and is a multimillionaire. The road to success was challenging. He started a career as a computer engineer only to be fired at the age of 21.

Being a college dropout, he later enlisted in the Army but was discharged for bad conduct and insubordination. Wesley has lost jobs, lost homes, filed for bankruptcy, and has done jail time before he found his purpose.

He finally found success with an online weight loss program that he created selling over 5,000 copies on the first day of launch. This experience is what launched him into the world of internet marketing.

Within a year, Wesley made $1 million dollars in a month’s time. He has experience across a wide range of niches and has over 1.5 million customers.

I do think Wesley knows what he’s doing. Unfortunately, some of the reviews I found on the website were not positive. reviews

His overall BBB rating was 1.5 out of 5 stars. There was only one response from Wesley’s company to one of the reviews.

How Does MessagePayz Work

The software works by you selecting a done-for-you offer and then sending the offer to thousands of targeted Facebook users.

You are not tied down to using the offers they recommend. You can send people to any affiliate offer that you want or build an email list.

One of my concerns was having to use your own personal Facebook account to send these messages.

However, the software can send mass messages anonymously. I’m not sure how they determine targeted Facebook users.

What Does MessagePayz Cost?

The price of MessagePayz is actually quite low. It is a front-end offer and is priced at $19. When I checked the sales page, it was priced at $12.97.

Since it is a front-end offer, you can expect upsells and it has plenty of those. Once you are inside the sales funnel, you will be presented with multiple offers including:

  • Upgrade 1: Unlimited – $97
  • Upgrade 2: Done For You – $297
  • Upgrade 3: Automation – $47
  • Upgrade 4: Instant Profits – $67
  • Upgrade 5: Traffic On Tap – $147
  • Upgrade 6: Franchise – $197
  • Upgrade 7: Multiple Income – $47

That is $899 worth of upsells. Something tells me that the initial offer is probably limited to how many times you can send the mass messages.

If you notice the first upsell is called “Unlimited.” It is likely an offer to be able to send unlimited mass messages for $97.

That would be difficult to pass up when you consider that the whole purpose of buying the software is so that you can send messages often.

Who is MessagePayz For?

The target audience for MessagePayz will be anyone who is interested in making money online. Likely those who are actually struggling to make sales.

It is definitely an enticing product for beginner affiliate marketers. Many beginners don’t know where to start or find it too difficult to use strategies like YouTube, TikTok, landing pages, email marketing, etc.

Although the sales page states that it is not a “get-rich-quick” product, that is exactly who would like a product like this.

Make commissions at the click of a button? It sounds too easy and those that want easy will likely buy MessagePayz.

The low price makes it accessible to anyone but again, be aware of the various upsells that are included.

Is MessagePayz a Scam or Legit?

I’m not going to call MessagePayz a scam. Personally, it isn’t a product that I would buy myself. I’ve already found an online business model that works for me.

I know what it takes to earn a steady income online and mass messaging Facebook users is not it.

There are far more legitimate ways to do affiliate marketing without mass messaging affiliate offers to a social media platform and hoping for the best.

Pros of MessagePayz

  • Easy for beginners
  • No videos to create
  • No extra expenses
  • Doesn’t need a website

Cons of MessagePayz

  • Not a long-term business
  • Risk of account closure
  • Essentially spam

What I Like and Don’t Like

Do I like the idea of using systems to make affiliate commissions? Absolutely. However, I’m not liking the mass messaging aspect of MessagePayz.

I think the thought of simply choosing an offer and clicking a button to send your offer to thousands of people is enticing.

What I don’t like is the risk that is involved. Even if sending anonymously, who is to say that your Facebook account can’t still be banned?

It simply isn’t a good online business model. I always recommend creating an actual long-term online business.

Why waste time on one-off commissions that may occur here and there when you can create a business that will pay month after month and year after year?

Final Thoughts On MessagePayz

To wrap up, I have to say that this product is not for me. I have been doing affiliate marketing long enough to know what is worth it for me and what is not.

I recommend focusing your efforts on a long-term online business model. There are many to choose from.

For example, I make a steady income online by creating simple websites (more on that below.)

You can even create a long-term business with a sales funnel and email marketing. If you prefer eCommerce there is Amazon FBA, dropshipping, and more.

How I Make Money Online

The online business model I started with and what I continue to do today is creating simple niche websites.

These websites bring me free targeted web traffic and they generate affiliate income month after month.

It works like this:

  1. Choose an interest (anything you want)
  2. Create a website (WordPress will do)
  3. Attract free visitors (your blog posts generate free traffic)
  4. Make money (promote affiliate products)

This online business is low-cost, low-risk, and long-term. It can last for years and you can create as many niche websites as you want.

When I got started, I had been laid off from my web design job. I didn’t want to waste time trying to figure things out on my own.

Instead, I searched for an online training program and found this one. It made all of the difference for me.

Following that training and taking action on what I learned is what helped me to quit a lousy retail job and work for myself full-time.

Here is a screen capture of an affiliate commission I made from one affiliate program:

affiliate commission

With affiliate marketing, your earning potential is unlimited. You are your only limitation. Put in the work and get results.

I hope this MessagePayz review is helpful. Be sure to evaluate your options as an affiliate marketer.

Launch your own affiliate marketing business today following the same exact training I did. Click the button below!

Keep taking action!

Eartha 🙂


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