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When you think cheap, you don’t always think of quality. Therefore, when you find a cheap affiliate marketing course, you don’t expect to get much out of it. That isn’t always the case and the 72-Hour Challenge is a great example of an inexpensive affiliate marketing course that delivers more value than what it’s priced at.

I don’t like referring to the 72-Hour Challenge as a cheap affiliate marketing course but if that’s what you’re looking for, it is one worth looking into. I signed up for the challenge to see what it was all about.

I’ll share why I think this particular course is excellent for beginners or those who have some experience in affiliate marketing but struggle to make commissions.

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I’ve been following Jonathan Montoya for a while now and I consider him to be one of the best people to learn affiliate marketing from.

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Why the 72-Hour Challenge is a Good Cheap Affiliate Marketing Course

The point of the 72-Hour Challenge is to help you launch your own online business within 3 days. There isn’t a bunch of fluff but rather step-by-step training videos that make it easy to start.

What impressed me about this course is the amount of value offered at such a low price. It would be easy to throw together a simple course and fill it with useless information simply to generate leads.

That is not the case with this 3 day challenge. By following the training, you can literally have your online business running in 72 hours.

72 Hour Challenge

The Course Creator – Jonathan Montoya

Another benefit of the 72-Hour Challenge is discovering Jonathan Montoya. If you are not already familiar with who he is, Jonathan is a successful affiliate marketer, a 7-figure earner, and an online business coach.

He has helped his students launch their online businesses with some students going on to earn a full-time income online.

Before he found success in affiliate marketing, Jonathan was an electrical engineer. He tried various business models in order to escape his 9-to-5.

Today, he teaches the exact business model he uses to create a lucrative income online. If you ever watch any of Jonathan Montoya’s videos on his YouTube channel, you’ll hear him emphasize the importance of building an email list.

Growing my email list is my top priority.

What’s Included in the 3 Day Challenge?

The 72-Hour Challenge is an online video training course that is deigned to be completed within 3 days. It is completely self-paced so if it takes you longer or you complete it faster, both are fine either way.

Day 1: The Freedom Roadmap

On day one, Jonathan will go over his online business model and explain how affiliate marketing works. You’ll learn how he approaches affiliate marketing and how he’s created a long-term online business.

Day 2: The Automated Sales System Using an Unfair Tool

You’ll get a glimpse into Jonathan’s Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem and how he promotes multiple products in his business. You’ll also learn about his sales funnel software called Funnel Freedom.

Unlike most sales funnel software, Funnel Freedom was customized to Jonathan’s online business model. You get access to the software for 30 days.

You can set up the entire sales funnel with a few clicks! It’s one of the most beginner-friendly sales funnels for new affiliate marketers.

The software also includes email marketing with a year’s worth of pre-written emails that will be sent out to your email list automatically.

These emails promote different products you’re an affiliate of. It saves a ton of time and writing. This is helpful if you are not sure what to write.

In essence, you get to earn while you learn.

Day 3: Traffic Generation

The last day goes over different organic traffic strategies. This way, you get to learn how to generate traffic using content creation versus paid advertising. Learning paid advertising is a whole other ball game, especially when you are a beginner.

You’ll learn how to do social media marketing. The full Freedom Breakthrough course will go into much more detail about social media marketing.

man using a laptop

How to Make the Most of the 72-Hour Challenge

The way to make the most of the 72-Hour Challenge is to first complete it. You would be surprised how many people buy online courses and never finish them.

It is a short training course and can be completed in the span of a weekend if you put in the time and effort. Regardless of what course you’ve invested in, nothing will work if you don’t take the time to complete the lessons.

Next, is to implement what you’ve learned. It is not an overwhelming course. It is designed to make launching your online business simple. Take action on what you’re taught. That is the only way to make any progress.

Upsells and Upgrading

The 72-Hour Challenge does offer some upsells. These optional upsells will not affect the business you can launch with the challenge. The upsells offered may be additional things you may want to learn but are not necessary.

You’ll also have the option to upgrade to Jonathan’s full Freedom Breakthrough course. This course will go more in-depth and offer live weekly group coaching calls via Zoom. It is worth it if you want access to Jonathan and his other certified coaches.

The coaching calls give you the opportunity to ask Jonathan or his other coaches questions. You won’t feel stuck and you’ll get the guidance you need to continue growing your business.

Making Your First Affiliate Commission

Everyone makes their first affiliate commission at varying times. It is dependent upon each individual’s work ethic, how fast they learn, and the time and effort put into their online business.

You’ll always remember the first commission that you’ve made. It will prove to you that affiliate marketing does work and is a legit business model.

Making affiliate commissions occurs quite often for me now. However, it wasn’t until I began learning from online coaches like Jonathan Montoya that I was able to start making high-ticket affiliate commissions.

High-Ticket Affiliate Commissions

If you want to learn high-ticket affiliate marketing, the 72-Hour Challenge is a great starting point. High-ticket affiliate marketing enables you to earn larger commissions. For example, the high-ticket offers I promote offer anywhere from $250 – $2,000 affiliate commissions.

Jonathan Montoya’s Affiliate Program

Besides learning how to create a long-term online business, the Jonathan Montoya affiliate program offers 40% commissions on Jonathan’s products.

You can earn $798.80 in affiliate commissions for every sale that you refer of the Freedom Breakthrough online training course.

What’s great about the Jonathan Montoya affiliate program is that he has it set up to do the selling and converting for you.

You only need to focus on sending leads to the Freedom Breakthrough or 72-Hour Challenge courses using your affiliate link.

Follow Jonathan’s training and you can apply it to promoting his offers.

Closing Thoughts

Taking the 72-Hour Challenge is an excellent way to learn how to create a long-term online business. Jonathan Montoya is one of the best when it comes to online business coaches.

I feel that he genuinely cares about his students and his affiliates. I’ve made commissions with his affiliate program and he takes the time to shout out his affiliates who have made sales.

His courses are high-quality and Jonathan is omnipresent on all social media platforms including YouTube.

I understand why some people may search for a cheap affiliate marketing course. Thankfully the 72-Hour Challenge over delivers at its price point.

For the price of one lunch, you can learn how to launch your own online business with affiliate marketing.

There aren’t many affordable courses that can offer that.

Free Ebook Reveals How to Make $500 - $1,000 Per Sale Online Without Experience or Tech Skills

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