Finding an Affiliate Marketing Mentor Who is Worth It

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As an affiliate marketer, there is always something new to learn whether it’s a new traffic strategy or a new marketing tactic. One of the best ways to stay in the know and make steady progress is to invest in an affiliate marketing mentor (see my Jonathan Montoya course post as an example.)

It wasn’t until I invested in a mentor (online business coach) that I was finally able to start making high-ticket affiliate commissions. Hi! I’m Eartha, the author of this blog and an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is my jam! It was something I chose to do after a job layoff. The road was not easy but thanks to high-quality affiliate marketing courses and coaches, I’ve been able to make some real progress.

Below, I’ll share what I do to find a good affiliate marketing coach to make the most informed decision before making the investment.

Key Takeaways

  • A good mentor will genuinely care about their student’s success
  • Your mentor should have years of experience and results
  • An affiliate marketing mentor should stay up to date and share new info with students
  • Group coaching should be offered

What Makes a Good Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

There are many affiliate marketing mentors to choose from nowadays and it is challenging to figure out who to invest in.

Since having a mentor and online business coach, I have come to understand what makes a good mentor, one who is worth your time and money.

Cares About Their Student’s Success

My mentor genuinely cares about student success. I know this by the number of weekly group coaching calls that we have as well as the number of posts in the online community.

A mentor who is in it only for the money will not bother with group coaching calls or ensuring that students have what they need.

Answers Your Questions Without Judgement

Students of a training course will have questions and sometimes the answers may be obvious to others, especially to an online business coach. However, your mentor should not make you feel dumb for asking any question.

Tells You Like It Is

I don’t know about you but I don’t want a mentor who tells me what I want to hear. I want a mentor who tells me the truth. If I could be doing something better or if I’m doing things completely wrong, then I want to know. How can you improve if your mentor is not being up front with you?

Keeps Content Fresh

A good mentor should be in the know and update their training accordingly. For example, is there a trending traffic source that could be utilized or a strategy that is currently working well? Your mentor should stay on top of things and inform their students of what is new, trending, no longer works, etc.

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My Tips for Choosing a Good Mentor

Before I chose an online mentor I did some research based on affiliate marketing coaches that I already considered.

I checked out their training programs and did some comparisons. Pricing was also a consideration as well as experience.

Below are some of the key points I consider before choosing a mentor.

How Easy is it to Ask a Question?

Is the potential mentor easily accessible if you want to ask a quick question before buying? Many coaches manage their own Instagram accounts and will personally reply if you direct message them. You may not always be able to get a hold of a potential mentor this way but it’s a big plus if you can.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

Beware of those who create courses based on a one-time success. For example, maybe someone reached $10K per month in affiliate commissions for the first time. They immediately create a course about it. I prefer for a mentor to have years of experience and the results to go with it.

What About Testimonials?

Any potential mentor should have a plethora of student testimonials. This demonstrates the success rates of their students as well as how well their training and coaching work.


What do their products consist of? What do they offer in terms of training? Does the content teach what you want to learn?

Investing in Yourself

Remember that investing in an affiliate marketing mentor is also an investment in yourself. It means that you are ready to go to the next level in your online business and a good mentor can help you level up and reach your goals.

A Mentor Doesn’t Equate to Guaranteed Results

It’s easy to think that paying for a mentor is a guarantee for success but it is far from it. Like any training program, a person’s success will be based on their individual work ethic.

A mentor can lead you in the right direction but it is up to you to take the necessary action on a consistent basis to achieve results. If you are not going to follow through, no amount of training or coaching will matter.

Follow Your Mentor’s Guidance

That being said, it is important to follow your mentor’s guidance. If your mentor is giving you the blueprint for success, then follow it. Take daily action steps to reach your goal.

You would be surprised by how many people will invest in a mentor only to think they know better and don’t follow anything that is laid out for them. Then they wonder why they haven’t made any progress.

How Much Does an Affiliate Marketing Mentor Cost?

Price will vary from one mentor to the next. I’ve seen a range of prices. The low end has been $500 whereas the high end can be $2,000 and up. I’ve even heard of some mentorships costing $10K, $20K, and more.

You really don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a good affiliate marketing mentor and online business coach.

A more expensive coaching program does not mean you’ll get better results or that the coach teaches well.

What Next?

If you decide to make the investment and get an affiliate marketing mentor, then prepare to do the work.

Success isn’t going to happen overnight. It may take months, a year, or longer depending on your time and work ethic.

Ask yourself if you can truly commit. If you know you can’t, don’t waste your money.


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