5 Ways an Affiliate Marketing Teacher Can Help You

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses anyone can start but it can also be the most challenging if you’re attempting to learn on your own. That’s where an affiliate marketing teacher with an online course such as the Jonathan Montoya course can help.

Hey there, I’m Eartha. I am an affiliate marketer and creator of this website. For years I tried learning affiliate marketing on my own. While I did manage to make a steady income online, I became stuck.

For a long time, I focused on affiliate offers with low commissions of around $20 – $50. I could never go beyond a certain income each month. That was until I discovered high-ticket affiliate marketing.

Instead of focusing on low-ticket offers, I began promoting high-ticket offers with a commission of $500 and up. Making the switch worked! What helped me was investing in an affiliate marketing teacher (online business coach.)

I outline my experience with an affiliate marketing mentor below. If you are interested in investing in a coach, this information may help.

Key Takeaways:

Why Hire an Affiliate Marketing Teacher?

There are many reasons why someone may want to invest in an affiliate marketing coach. I think in most cases, it is a wise investment. Like anything you want to become better at, it helps to learn from an expert.

An affiliate marketing mentor can help speed up the progress that you make so long as you take action on what you’re being taught.

1. You Get a Proven Method

The main reason I invested in an affiliate marketing teacher was so I could learn a proven method for making money online. I was tired of jumping from one method to the next. Having a blueprint to follow makes it easier and you’ll save time by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.

2. Coaching Calls

Another plus with an online business coach is that many of them offer weekly group coaching calls. These are invaluable. You’re able to ask your mentor questions when you need help and you’ll learn from other people’s questions as well. Don’t sleep on the coaching calls. Attend them when you can and watch the replays if you can’t attend the live calls.

3. Insider Tips

On many of the coaching calls, my mentor shares tips and advice that may not necessarily be in the core training. This tends to happen after a student asks a question and the topic goes off on a tangent. Sometimes these are some of the best coaching calls.

4. Motivation

Affiliate marketing does not offer instant gratification. It can take weeks, months, or even a year before someone makes their first affiliate commission. When you feel like quitting (and you will), an affiliate marketing mentor can give you the motivation you need to keep going.

5. Up to Date Information

Your affiliate marketing teacher should be in the know when it comes to trends in the industry. This is helpful and may be information that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. For example, my mentor invests in high-level training in different areas such as social media marketing. Then my mentor shares this information with us.

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How Much is an Affiliate Marketing Teacher?

Prices will vary when you’re choosing an affiliate marketing teacher. Some will charge tens of thousands while others may start at $500 and up.

Don’t assume that the more expensive the coach the better. That is not always the case. I’ve heard of individuals investing $20K for a coach who didn’t offer much.

While others like myself have invested $500 – $1,000 for a coach and felt they were well worth it. The best thing to do is to research those coaches you are interested in and look up student reviews.

What Your Teacher Should Offer at a Minimum

When you invest in an affiliate marketing mentor, some things should be offered at a bare minimum. Here is what to look for:

Core Training

There should be core training available in the form of videos that you can watch at your convenience. This training will be the foundation of your online business. As you complete this training, you’ll be able to ask your mentor questions when you need help.

Coaching Calls

This should be offered as a default. How else will you receive coaching if there are no coaching calls? These calls should be offered at least once per week. Some coaches offer calls twice per month. I prefer the calls more often which is why I prefer at least one call per week.

Online Community

Another perk of hiring an affiliate marketing coach is the online community that is included. You can learn from the community just as well as you learn from your mentor. Some students may have more experience or they may share a tip from things they have tested out themselves. An online community is also great for accountability purposes.


Your training program should also include resources that can help you grow your online business. These resources could include things like swipe files, videos, bonus training, software, and more.

Should You Invest in an Online Business Coach?

Now that you know what an affiliate marketing coach can offer, it’s time to decide if it is worth your investment. The last thing you want is to invest and feel that the coaching was not worth it.

No matter which coach you go with, it is going to be a risk. No affiliate marketing coach can guarantee that you’re going to achieve success with affiliate marketing.

Getting an affiliate marketing mentor does not mean you’ll make any income. You will still need to do the work.

Do your research, check out your potential coach on social media and YouTube, and reach out with questions before making your decision.

An online business coach is worth it if you want a proven path to success.

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