$100 Commission Affiliate Programs

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I’m always on the lookout for affiliate programs that offer high-paying commissions. It makes the effort of promoting these types of affiliate products worth it.

Although $100 per sale isn’t as high-ticket as some affiliate programs, it is still a very good commission to earn.

This is especially true if you are able to refer several people a week. The commissions can really add up in the span of a month.

Below you will find some great affiliate programs that cover a variety of niches. I’ll also share one of my favorite ways to promote these types of products in order to earn a consistent income online.

Why this online business model works so well for beginner affiliates.

Five $100 Commission Affiliate Programs

These affiliate programs cover a wide variety of niches. They all pay up to $100 per sale.

  • GetResponse
  • Incorporate.com
  • Enterprise DNA
  • Paid Memberships Pro
  • Bark


This company is an email marketing software service. Anyone can use this service to build their own email list. It includes an autoresponder, sales funnels, and even has a website builder.

The GetResponse affiliate program offers two ways to earn commissions. You can choose to earn $100 for each paid referral or you can opt for the 33% recurring commission and continue to earn from your referrals each month.

The affiliate program also has a 120-day cookie length.


This business specializes in helping individuals incorporate their businesses, form Limited Liability Companies, or form a Non-Profit.

The Incorporate.com affiliate program offers up to $100 commissions. They offer real-time tracking & reporting, exclusive access to discounts and promotions, as well as online and offline affiliate referrals acceptance.

Enterprise DNA

Power BI users will find this service beneficial. Enterprise DNA offers on-demand courses for all Power BI training levels. They also provide package resources, forum access, and invitations to member-only training events.

The Enterprise DNA affiliate program offers $100 per paid referral. It is a unique niche that could mean plenty of conversions if you target the right audience.

This is a WordPress membership plugin that offers key features such as restricting content and managing member subscriptions with recurring payments.

WordPress plugins are always in demand and focusing on the membership software niche is a good choice.

The Paid Memberships Pro affiliate program offers up to $100 for each PMPro Plus yearly plan. There is a 90-day cookie length.


If you want to find professionals for tasks you need help with, you can search on Bark. You can search and hire local for jobs such as house cleaning, personal training, web design, accounting, and more.

The Bark affiliate program pays up to $100 per valid request. Even cooler is that your referral doesn’t have to actually book a service through the site:

You’ll get commission on every genuine Bark that we receive, even if the customer never actually books the service through our site.


How to Best Promote These Affiliate Products

My favorite way to promote these types of affiliate products is to create a website dedicated to the target audience specific to the product

In other words, I like to create a niche website. A niche website is simply a website that focuses on one specific topic.

For example, if I were to promote the GetResponse service listed above, I would create a niche website related to email marketing.

A niche website works great because the content that you create attracts the targeted visitors who are highly likely to buy the products that you promote.

What a Niche Website Requires

In order for a niche website to make money, it’s going to require content which is your blog posts that you write.

You’ll want to write blog posts that answer the questions and concerns of your niche audience.

This is easy to figure out by doing some keyword phrase research. I open up Google Search and type in keywords my niche audience would type in.

Google’s autosuggest feature will return the search phrases your niche audience searches for and you can use these results as blog post topics.

When I started my first successful niche website, I didn’t know how to create content that would earn income.

At the time, I had just lost my job due to layoffs so I searched for an online training program to help me and found this one.

That training helped me to progress faster and by taking action on what I learned, I was able to quit a full-time retail job to work on my website full-time.

Niche Website Technical Requirements

In order to get your website up and running, you’ll need three things:

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • WordPress

You can get all three with most web hosting providers. Bluehost is one such example. When you choose any of their WordPress hosting packages, they’ll automatically install WordPress for you and register your domain name for free.

Making Money with Your Website

Of course, in order to make money with your niche website, you’ll need to share your affiliate links.

I wouldn’t recommend overdoing it with your affiliate links. Place them as needed within the content of your post.

In most cases, I link to the affiliate product near the middle and always at the end of my blog posts.

I also like to create a product review page in which I put as many affiliate links as I want. That enables me to link to my review page which helps boost conversions.

Summing Up

The affiliate programs listed on this page are only a handful of the many that are out there that may offer up to $100 commissions.

However, this list is a great place to start. I recommend creating a niche website to promote these affiliate products.

Niche websites generate free targeted traffic and can earn income for years to come.

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